Gule Learns to Spell

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

“Since when is dudebro a word?” Niles Gule demanded.

The vampire and his team from the Baltimore PD night shift sat around Walter Cooksey’s kitchen table playing Scrabble©.  Niles’ Mexican-American partner Mariella Cruz sat on his left, his nemesis Jonas Williams on his right.  Martin Krewelski and Deshawn Jackson sat across from them while Cooksey fussed over the array of food he’d set on his counter.  They were all drunk.  Cooksey had invited the team to his tiny bungalow for beer, food and football on a bleak winter’s evening.  They’d started with beer, then Cooksey broke into his stash of bourbon and things went south from there.

Niles hadn’t planned on attending the little bash.  Cooksey wasn’t his favorite person.  The police officer was convinced his colleague wasn’t tall, elegant and exquisitely groomed because he was a vampire.  No, it was because Niles had to be gay.  After two years…

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Gule Gets a Manicure

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

Niles Gule, police consultant and resident vampire of Baltimore, tilted his head at the odd request from Miss Julia Buzinski.

The young lady gazed at him with a voracious twinkle in her eye.

“Okay,” he agreed although he wasn’t certain what he was agreeing to.  He’d been assigned to care for the girl while her parents reviewed a lineup of suspects related to a robbery they’d witnessed.  He thought that meant he and Julia would sit around and chat.  The girl had other ideas.

Julia beamed.  “Hands flat on the table.”

Lifting his brows at her imperious voice, Niles did as the eleven-year-old girl demanded.  He spayed his delicately fingered hands on the conference room table.

As was typical of all vampires, his fingers ended with long white claws rather than nails.  Many vampires sharpened them into weaponry strong enough to slash clothing and rend skin.  Once upon a time…

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Gule Learns Diamonds Are Forever

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

“I take it blizzard conditions don’t bother you,” Mariella Cruz complained as she clutched her scarf tight to her throat and waited for her partner, Niles Gule, to open the door to the Bangor police station.

Niles considered the frigid Maine evening.  Flurries battered his cheeks, striking like icy arrows.  The wind tried without success to ruffle his neatly shorn blonde locks.  Cold, yes.  Blizzard conditions, hardly.

“I’m a vampire,” he commented.  “Born in Boston no less.  Winters don’t bother me.”

Cruz touched his cheek with the back of her hand.  Her fingers burned compared to his cold skin.  He closed his eyes, savoring that soft brush of warmth before she jerked her hand away.  Niles sighed and willed his wayward heart to stop thumping.  Such heat is not for you, he reminded himself.

Cruz seemed as startled by their brief touch as he.  She gathered her wits quickly, however…

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Gules and Turtles Do Not Mix

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

The first shot of pain hit him between the eyes followed by a general throb throughout his head.  Niles Gule kept his eyes squeezed shut and willed the pillow to stop hurting him.  His head rang like a hollow bell.  Over and over, lancing pain from eye to eye then ear to ear.  He’d never encountered such pain in his life.  Even his teeth hurt.

And what was that blasted noise?  A relentless surge ground into his brain like a surgeon’s drill driving the vampire insane.

He sensed motion in the room.  That terrified him.  Vampires slept alone.  A person in the room meant danger, death.  Against the pain, he forced his eyes to crack open.  A strange room slumbering in twilight met his bleary gaze.  A motel room and not the sort Niles would choose.  A vampire, after all, had his standards.  This room smelled of dust and mold. …

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Gule’s Gift

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

The average vampire slept lightly because they lived amongst humans determined to kill them.  Although he was grievously wounded, Niles Gule, being a vampire, remained aware of his surroundings.  So when he heard the stealthy patter of feet in the room, he fought to waken.  Instincts screamed.  Danger!  Danger!  You’re being attacked.

Although he knew he should be in a safe place, his will to survive jarred him awake bare seconds before the attack hit.  Three small bodies landed on him, shooting rays of pain from his torso.  He struggled to free himself of the cocoon of blankets but it was too late.  He was pinned, pummeled and squished by a pack of squirming children.

“Uncle Niles!” Little Luz shook his cheeks to wake him.  “Get up!  It’s Christmas!”

With a groan, Niles turned onto his back to stare bleary eyed at his tormentors.  Little Luz was five years old…

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Gule’s Night on the Town

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

Niles Gule was alone on Christmas Eve.  Although the vampire stood in the midst of a street party, he was alone.  Although his long, white-nailed fingers clasped his wool coat tight to his throat, he was cold.  A festival atmosphere filled the air, yet Niles didn’t celebrate.  Because he was alone.

After suffering through a long afternoon of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story”, Niles fled into the streets of Baltimore to find solace amongst strangers.  He possessed no family that would gather around the Christmas roast, no hoards of young relatives slavering to rip into presents under a tree.  Although he’d been invited to the Lo family Christmas by his boss, Sergeant Tan Lo of the Baltimore PD, Niles felt uncomfortable impinging on the family’s celebration.  He felt they deserved to enjoy this particular holiday without his ghastly presence.  His partner, Mariella Cruz, also offered to absorb…

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Gule Gives His Heart Away

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

When every male head turned simultaneously, Niles Gule’s did as well.  Officer Jonas Williams of the Baltimore PD, who stood beside him in the crowded ballroom, let out a wolf whistle totally inappropriate for the occasion.  Little Walter Cooksey, half the height of his partner Williams or the tall, lithe vampire, pranced on his toes to see what had everyone transfixed.

“Who’da thunk she could polish up so nice,” Williams commented.

Niles found his brilliant blue gaze caught as his own partner on the force, Mariella Cruz, sailed into the Christmas party with all the aplomb of a Hollywood siren.  The luscious little Mexican wore a floor length gown of ruby red beaded from neckline to hem.  Although, Niles thought, to call anything on that dress a neckline was a stretch.  The dipping front revealed a good bit of curving pale skin between her breasts where a ruby pendant rested…

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Gule In Candyland

Niles Gule: Vampire of Baltimore

The woman who answered the door was not what Niles expected.  She was short, round, and silver haired, wearing a brilliant floral cotton dress and an equally brilliant smile that revealed her dentures.  Her pale blue eyes twinkled even when Niles’ partner, Mariella Cruz, flashed her Baltimore Police badge.

“May we come in?” Cruz asked, flicking a confused glance at Niles.

Bessie McGill flung the door wide and with a flourish ushered the two officers into her small, cheerful bungalow.  Officers Williams and Cooksey remained outside the white picket fence that separated her garden from the street.

Niles didn’t need to study Bessie’s parlor to know what it contained.  The smell of peppermint, cocoa, and butterscotch assaulted his finely tuned vampire nose.  Overly fussy furniture and massive glass jars of candy filled the room.  Atop the grand piano stood pedestal jars containing caramels, peppermints, sour balls, and licorice.  A menagerie…

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