About the Author

Melinda Newmin is a fiction author located on the east cost of the United States.  A widow, she currently shares her life with two four footed children, Peekaboo and Bear, both black golden retrievers (yes there is such a thing!).  While writing is her passion, she pays the  bills by working with the Harley Davidson company, providing many in the world with passions of their own.  She’s involved in her community through active participation with the Parrothead Nation and is a founding member of Parrotheads in Amish Paradise.  When not dreaming up new worlds and life forms or a beach on Key West, Melinda spends time hiking with her puppies, gardening, ghost hunting and reading.

Among her favorite authors are Patricia Cromwell, John Grisham, CJ Cherryh, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Tolkien of course, and James Rollins.   Suggestions for new authors to try are always welcomed.



1 thought on “About the Author”

  1. his six-foot-three-inch frame unfolding in the flashing of the police lights that spangled the area. Nice!


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