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Greetings fellow adventurers,

Welcome to the Worlds of Mel Lee Newmin!  If you enjoy a rousing romp around the universe with or without a space craft, this is the place for you.  Enter if you dare and meet

  • Jaq Ariane, brothel owner in the prison colony of Lichenwald, in Captives of Ice and Magic
  • Adagio Dimarco, linguistics professor captured by the alien nomen and held prisoner on a ship where he can’t even breathe, in Noman’s Land
  • Darias de Savois, crown prince of Arcelor and clandestine necromancer, forced at the age of twenty-four to lead his father’s armies against the forces of the Great Deceiver in Two Princes
  • Zander First Ellicottson, cursed from birth to bring death to any who befriends him in Reave’s Curse
  • Nick Severin II, diplomat, holding the balance between three universal powers, humanity, Gunera and Amaurau in Astraea’s Balance

More worlds are taking shape with every day that passes.  Visit often to see how all my various creations evolve and grow.  Check in on the lives of your favorite people and leave your thoughts of where you think they should go next.

Come on in!  Let’s start exploring!

Boo and Bear Discover the Internet

Bear:  I can’t believe Mom left her computer on and unattended.

Boo:  Yeah, It’s like going out into the backyard one day and finding out Mom forgot to turn the invisible fence on!

Bear:  We’re free!  free!  free!

Boo:  Ok, but what are we going to do now that we’re free?

Bear:  Explore the wider world outside our little back yard, dumb dumb!  We’ve got the entire internet at our paws.

Boo:  Nets are bad things.

Bear:  Not nets, Peekaboo!  The internet.  You know, that place where Mom wastes most of her evenings.  Not paying attention to US.

Boo:  I don’t like any kind of net.  Dog catchers use them.

Bear:  They can’t catch us.  We’ve got our life time licenses.  We’re street legal in every township in the county.  Maybe even in the state!

Boo: I’m still remembering the last time you had a bright idea, Bear.  You thought it would be so much fun to chase that black and white cat.

Bear:  It was fun!

Boo:  Maybe for you!  You didn’t catch it.  I did.  Then the darned thing lifted its tail and sprayed me!  Burned my eyes and made me stink.

Bear:  I still remember it.  You took off running around the house.  Mom was screaming at you at the top of her lungs.  I got to sit on the deck and laugh.

Boo:  [whacks Bear’s muzzle with a paw].

Bear:  And then you got not one, not two, but three baths!!!  Hysterical.  Never did get the smell out of your fur either, Peekaboo.  You stank for weeks.

Boo:  You stink all the time.

Bear:  I know!  It’s an art to find the right things to roll in.  You should try it.

Boo:  I’m a girl!  We don’t roll in smelly things.

Bear:  Well you should.  Would make you a more rounded dog in my opinion.  So, where are we going to go now that we have Mom’s computer and can go anywhere we want?

Boo:  I don’t know.  I suppose we could visit Molly across the street.  Ooooh.  I think we should just stop right now, Bear, before Mom finds out.

Bear:  Common on!  Live a little.  I’m going and you’re coming with me, Peekaboo.  We don’t do anything unless we’re together.  I’ve found a cool button to push.  Let’s see where it takes us.  Here we go!

Boo:  I got a bad feeling about this!


Who Knew Deer Can Read?

I am forever amazed at the brilliance of God’s creation and the intelligence of many of its creatures.  Not that my beloved dog Peekaboo is one of them because she’s probably the dumbest dog on the face of the planet.  No, I’m talking about Odocoileus virginianus, or the ubiquitous North American White Tailed Deer.  I made the acquaintance of a young male in the dark of Halloween night.  Apparently he’d taught himself to read.   All over the state of PA are signs warning motorists that it’s Deer Season on the roadways from dawn to dusk.  He read those signs and  Deer resting among wild flowers

took them for gospel.  He was minding his business just wandering aimlessly down the middle of the Pennsylvania Turnpike while I was minding mine going at some rate above the speed limit but we won’t discuss by how much.  That was when Prince Charming met his Sleeping Beauty.  It was a match made in heaven.  For one of us.  He didn’t make it and neither did my car.  Sadie Stoltzfus, aka Saturn Vue Hybrid, has gone to that great resting place for good vehicles, York Haven.  Sounds quite lovely.  I hear it’s not.  I suppose there’s some poetic justice in this story.  Because now it’s me who’s hoofing it.


The Snows Have Arrived in Middle Creek



The Snows have arrived in central Pennsylvania.  No, I’m not talking about the white stuff that falls from the sky and lays like a blanket of frigid white.  I’m talking about the snow geese who descend upon the farmlands of PA in spring and fall during their annual migrations to points south for the winter and north to the Arctic for the summer.  Like the cold white stuff, the snow geese fill the skies with white and cover the ground.  But unlike frozen rain, snow geese chatter and move, filling the world with a cacophony of sound like the greatest crowd ever gathered.  It is a wonder of this world.  If you have a chance, come to the Middle Creek Wildlife Reserve in Lebanon County PA to see and hear the sight.  Because there truly is no other.




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